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General Contracting

general contracting

General Contracting is as diverse as the words imply. Being able to understand a client's concept of what they are trying to achieve in terms of time, cost and quality of delivery is fundamental to a successful outcome.

The Brisull Team take considerable time and effort to comprehend these inputs to be able to return them in a favourable manner to clients.

Being able to readily envisage the needs of our clients and have them concluded in the most effective and efficient manner ultimately breeds success for every partner involved.

This is the Brisull process and workflow, and where our experience in the industry makes all the difference:

Design and Construct

Develop the client's brief to cater for it's current and future needs including time, location, budget and growth prospects. We develop construction methodologies and use products that are timely, cost effective and environmentally sensitive.

Head Contracting

General Contracting can take the form of a Fixed Lump Sum with variations to scope and brief being amended throughout the course of events with the associated financial implications being administered accordingly OR alternatively a "Capped Budget" is settled and the various parties, including architects, engineers, designers and clients in consultation with the main contractor.

We manage the excesses and shortcomings within the capped budget. Risk is averted by the client as its end "risk" is captured, the main contractor has his "risk" captured and this in turn forms a very collaborative environment rather than one of severe financial competition.

Construction Management

Construction Management involves the management of the design process where a client wishes to expedite the construction process when the design is not quite sufficiently mature to head through the tender process.

This approach is best suited when the market is rising or worse falling and the client wishes to complete the development to meet the market, or simply where the client wishes to have the flexibility in the design of its asset, however, it also takes on board the risk of pricing both good and not so good.

Turn Key

In many cases, and sometimes driven by a client's financial institution for various reasons, a client may wish to proceed to de-risk the process by locking in to a turn key process. In this instance, Brisull will engage the various consultants and a concept design according to an agreed budget.

The process involves the team developing the design in accordance with the provisions of the budget through to completion. The benefit to the client is that the end product is within their brief and will remain within the client's budget hence de-risking the financial risk.

Why choose Brisull Industries?

The team at Brisull will take the time to fully integrate itself in the contracting process, understand the deliverables, undertake with diligence and conclude the task at hand with complete competency and professionalism, in a way not many businesses can in this age.


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