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Fit Out


A fitout is not just about a nice new workstation or fresh carpet and new paint. It is a "Concept to Completion" process that involves finding the right space on terms that is palatable to the business.

Understanding a client's current and future needs for space, operational issues, budgetary restraints and how to ensure our clients' conclude the transaction in the best possible position, is fundamental to the Brisull Team.

The Brisull Industries approach to each fitout is different, dependent on each client's needs, but this is the expert process we follow:

Tenant Representative and the Brisull Team

Appointing a tenant representative in collaboration with the team allows for the development of a Strategic Property Plan to highlight and identify potential savings and efficiencies for the corporate occupier.

Identifying potential premises that satisfy the client brief can lead to a very successful and profitable outcome for the client.

Test Fits and Budget

The team will undertake an analysis and "fit for purpose" assessment inclusive of location to other industry players, location within the premises with respect to internal travels, loading dock, visitor experience, facilities, power, condensate water provisions and general acceptability to the client brief.

A draft layout forms part of the test fit that includes the satisfaction of current client requirements, future growth or even contraction prospects. With a budget running in parallel, the client is fully informed of its strategic direction.

The team then proceed to secure the premises on terms acceptable to the client.

The primary aim for the team is to conclude the negotiations whereby the client has a new premises, "fit for purpose" on cash neutral or even cash positive position which can then be drawn down as cash contributions or rental off-sets.

Design and Approvals

The Team thenproceed to fully document the "Test Fit" case within the budget, satisfying the client brief. Upon client approval authoritative approvals are then sought on behalf of the client

Construction Fitout

The team progresses immediately with the construction fitout in accordance with the relevant design and approvals. The team take care of all design and construct issues, contributions, procurement,  IT and telephony (where possible) engagement of contractors and personnel until the completion of the works including relevant certification to occupy.


Upon receipt of the relevant authoritative approvals to occupy, the relocation process commences with the provision of removalists' crates being provided. Generally, crates are provided well in advance with the client's staff, collating their respective business and personal belongings.

Over a nominated weekend, the old premise is vacated, all material belongings are relocated to the new premises and staff met at the new premises the following Monday, ready to receive new directions and commence attendance. Downtime is kept to a minimum as staff are well versed by the team during the pre-location phase.

Why choose Brisull Indutries:

Our clients are long standing colleagues that continue to return to engage with Brisull for their tried and tested ways having rewarded their clients with consistency of outcome.

We always strive to ensure, to the best of our ability, that our clients transition with a "CapEx Neutral" and "Cash Neutral" outcome.


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