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Developing an asset to improve its value is an intensely integrated process. The varying aspects are intertwined whereby the funding is impacted on the Sales and Marketing which is affected by permissible uses of the asset which is ultimately determined by the costs of construction.

More buildable area will cost more, provide a better return, but may require additional equity if in fact the additional area is permissible.

This is our process and this is where we know we can help your business:

Site Identification

Developing and identifying the client's brief both in terms of time, location, budget and expectations for current and future needs, specifics and relationships with surrounding industries.

Site Acquisition

Negotiate to acquire the asset on the most favourable terms with respect to timing, pricing, approvals and growth forecasts with our client's brief.

Secure the Tenant

In the event the asset has investment expectations, securing a tenant on commercially viable terms that reflect the expectations within the client's brief.


Seek funding models that are adaptive to the client's brief in terms of required flexibility, budgeting, timing and securities.


Revisit the client's brief now that the site has been identified within hierarchal parameters and redevelop the design within a more refined and explorative environment.


Seek approvals from the relevant authorities and engaging with same to ensure onerous conditions that could jeopardise viability and negotiate for the approval.


Upon receipt of all the relevant approvals and contributions paid where necessary, we move expeditiously to construct the asset to maximise benefit. This may include slowing down or expediting the construct to meet market expectations.


Where relevant, provide economical and seamless relocation between the client's existing premises and the new asset.


Upon completion and exhausting the client's brief we complete the hand-over of the asset with all the relevant tools required for managing the economical outcomes of the asset.

Why Choose Brisull Industries?

All these factors and the intermeshing of themneeds a fully integrated approach. Brisull's management have the capacity to crystalise these factors into a reality.

With over 34 years of experience in developing property, there is not much that the Team at Brisull has not experienced.


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