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Industrial Facilities Management

Make sure your industrial facility is running at an optimum level and let Brisull Industries focus on Energy Production, Operational Temperature Maintenance and the Regulation of Waste Production and Water.


Managing the energy output of your production facilities is essential in the smooth and profitable operation of your business. This is not a process that is often optimised in house. Even if you have the know-how to measure and analyse your output, you often do not have the hardware or the time to make the repairs and preventive maintenance needed while keeping up with day-to-day operations.

Industrial properties usually work with two asset classes – manufacturing equipment and base buildings. In order for operations and manufacturing to improve production, both of these asset classes must be run at their operational peaks on a consistent basis.

How To Optimise the Industrial Facility

When you do business with Brisull, we focus on three major aspects of these two asset classes:

Energy Production

Your business must maintain a consistent volume of energy production regardless of the process charged with catalysing that production. A good facilities manager will help to ensure this consistency even as the processes of production change.

Maintaining operational temperatures

Ensuring the longevity equipment means ensuring the appropriate conditions in the industrial workspace. You need a company that understands how to keep operational temperatures within an acceptable range of the production environment, according to industry standards and regulations as well as the individual needs of each client environment.

Regulating the production of waste and water

The byproducts of energy production are often a substantial cost of the process. In order to optimise the process, those side effects must be minimised. A proper industrial facilities management partner will ensure that waste and water byproducts are kept to a minimum while all other aspects of production are maintained in a stable fashion.

We also take the time to fully understand your mission-critical equipment so that we can hone in on the aspects of production that most play into downtime. We set our proprietary maintenance system up to read your operating outputs in real time. From this wealth of information, we can employ predictive analyses rather than working behind the curve. We can also update our repair strategy when necessary instead of relying on a static maintenance plan.

What You Should Look for in a Facilities Manager

Make sure that you look for a partner company with extensive experience in critical environments. In general, you want to do business with a facilities management company that has experience at your scale. If you are running a data centre, you want a partner that can handle that level of service.

You also need a partner that understands how to delineate between support equipment and operating equipment. This is one of the major ways to ensure optimal production with minimal downtime. In some cases, mission-critical equipment can vary from company type to company type. The same structure can place vastly different workloads on equipment types, rendering many energy flow templates useless in the real world. 

Your Next Step in Industrial Facilities Management

Many facilities management companies promise a great deal, but they simply cannot deliver on a fully optimised management structure. In many cases, your business cannot afford to work from energy production templates. Any plan of production must coincide with the incredibly agile way in which energy moves in modern business.

Brisull is the facilities management Sydney trusts. Give the industrial facilities management team dedicated to your success a call right now.


We Bring Out the Best in These Businesses

Justin Clark

Team Leader at Hutchinson Builders

Hutchinson engaged BBM to manage maintenance during the DLP for a project where our client has very specific and detailed maintenance requirements. BBM have always conducted the works in a professional manner, meeting response and completion times while complying with our client’s requirements.

BBM have assisted in continuing our exceptional relationship with our client and have demonstrated the highest level of professionalism, flexibility and high work ethic. In a very challenging and demanding environment, their management team are always approachable and willing to provide us with solutions to any issues arising.

Jayde Agnew

General Manager of Iglu Pty Ltd

We are very pleased with the work BBM has done on our behalf, we have found their services to be prompt, efficient and professional. The Team are always available to help with projects large and small, nothing is ever too much trouble.

Paul and his team are very hard-working and highly organised with great communication skills, we have always been very impressed with the way that they approach projects and particularly their focus on Work, Health & Safety.

We look forward to working with BBM on future projects.

Peter Dunn

Senior Facilities Manager, Investa

Before I started using BBM at Deutsche Bank Place I was frustrated with our previous supplier’s poor delivery. Paul Lardi approached me and we decided to give them a try. Their work is always completed on time and budget with no issues. They understand the complexities of working in a Premium Grade commercial asset and we couldn’t be happier.

Scott Muir

Director at ecoHVAC

EcoHVAC use BBM as their preferred installer of our equipment. As a supplier of high quality products, we understand that only installers who undertake the utmost of care and precision can be used and BBM have always proven themselves as a more that trustworthy contractor. Their communication with our clients in the lead up and follow up calls after the installation is complete makes for a very satisfied customer.

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