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Asbestos Survey, Inspection and Removal

Asbestos is not an issue that you should take lightly when it comes to your buildings. Without proper treatment, asbestos can cause severe illness in those who report to your building each day to complete their job assignment. Whether you need an asbestos survey to provide you with peace of mind or need to undergo a complete asbestos removal process, Brisull is here to help you every step of the way.


What are asbestos surveys?

An asbestos survey is an investigation that determines if there are any asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) located in your building. Without an asbestos inspection, you can never truly know if your building has ACMs. While many buildings that were built or remodelled prior to 1990 are likely to have ACMs, it is still important to have an asbestos survey as soon as possible to fully understand your building’s current situation.

It is possible buildings built before 1990 have no ACMs while others may have a concerning amount. During your asbestos inspection, a licensed assessor will determine:

  • How much (if any) asbestos is present in the building
  • What the current condition of the asbestos is
  • How to manage the risks and ensure a safe asbestos removal

You should only ever have a licensed asbestos assessor complete your asbestos survey. We encourage you to contact us today to schedule your inspection. If you would like to verify our license, please feel free to do so by reviewing the SafeWork directory

When should I get an asbestos survey?

You should schedule an asbestos survey any time you are about to make an investment in your building. Whether you are about to purchase a building to add to your portfolio or are ready to undergo a renovation, you need to understand if any ACMs are present. If you are ever worried about the condition of the building or hear reports of tenants falling ill, you may consider scheduling an asbestos inspection.

Each state or territory may have its own regulations regarding asbestos inspections prior to renovations, demolitions, or purchases of property. For more information, please review the SafeWork website.

Who can undertake an asbestos survey?

The only individual who can legally undertake an asbestos inspection is one that is a licensed asbestos assessor. These individuals include:

  • Occupational hygienists with specialized training regarding asbestos
  • Licensed asbestos assessors
  • Professionals who have completed a recognised training course in asbestos identification

Any professional with a license to be an asbestos assessor will be more than happy to provide you their credentials when asked.

What are the typical results of the asbestos survey?

While typical results for an asbestos survey will vary from building to building, you can expect a detailed report upon completion of the investigation. This report will contain information such as:

  • Who completed the asbestos inspection
  • Where any asbestos has been detected
  • Description and photographs of materials that do contain and/or are suspected to contain asbestos

  • Samples’ laboratory testing results
  • Recommended asbestos removal plan

Once you receive the results of your asbestos investigation, it is your responsibility to read through them thoroughly. If you have any questions, you should direct them to whomever prepared the report for you. You should also understand how to obtain copies of this report, as this will need to be provided to any tradesperson who will be completing any work on the building.

How do I manage asbestos in my building?

If your asbestos investigation report indicates asbestos is in your building, you need to understand its current condition. It is possible to have asbestos that is in good condition and is likely to be undisturbed during your renovations. If that is the case, you will need to schedule follow up asbestos surveys every few years to monitor its condition.

If the asbestos is likely to receive minor damage or weathering while work is completed on your building, it is possible for your report results to recommend simply repairing or sealing the asbestos. This can help you manage the current risks until a complete asbestos removal is required.

Asbestos removal is incredibly dangerous and is best left to trained professionals. When you trust in Brisull’s experienced team, you will receive the best asbestos removal services and have complete peace of mind that all of the risks are being handled by professionals. 

Some of the many forms and areas where asbestos can be present include: 

  • Friable and bonded asbestos
  • PCB oils & capacitors
  • Lead Paint
  • Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (NORM)

The entire Brisull’s team is fully trained and experienced with completing the delicate task at hand. When it comes to asbestos removal, we work quickly, safely, and efficiently to remove the risks without causing unnecessary harm to our team, your tenants, or the building. We rely on our tools and materials, such as negative air closures and glove bags, to safely remove the asbestos once and for all. 

When you trust in Brisull for your asbestos removal, you can rest assured that your asbestos risks will be fully resolved. From our initial investigation to our final walk through, we will complete every aspect of our asbestos services with the care and attention you deserve. We are up-to-date on all regulatory requirements and maintain all of the required licenses to operate within Australia. 

Each member of our team is fully vetted prior to joining to ensure they have the education, certifications, and licenses required to complete the task at hand. Our entire team of specialised supervisors, inspectors, and removers have handled hundreds of asbestos projects and understand what it takes to ensure a successful asbestos remediation. 

To fully ensure that any soil contamination has been fully remediated, we complete the following: 

  • Spread, pick, and removal all visibly bonded asbestos materials 
  • Create waste picking lines to ensure safe and efficient disposal
  • Create a design of relocating and capping inspected soil 

After Brisull completes an asbestos survey, provides your results, conducts an asbestos removal, and handles any soil contamination, you can have peace of mind that your building will achieve a complete asbestos remediation.

Each building that has ACMs present will face different challenges with remediation. If the results of your asbestos investigation reveal your soil is contaminated, you will need to work with an experienced company that can remove contaminated soil.

The process to achieve contaminated soil remediation will depend on the type and concentration of the contamination. Furthermore, it will be dependent on the stage of the contamination. The earlier Brisull is called in to handle the situation, the quicker and more cost effectively the contamination can be resolved. We offer a number of treatments, including biopiling, bioremediation, vapour extraction, chemical fixation, and a number of other reliable treatments.

Rely On Brisull For Your Asbestos Removal

Your property deserves the utmost care and attention, especially when it comes to the risks of asbestos. Brisull is proud to have the most qualified and educated team of professionals on staff to handle your asbestos survey, asbestos inspection, and asbestos removal. We will help you reach a complete remediation as quickly and safely as possible. Please, do not hesitate to contact us today!

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