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Annual Fire Safety Statement

When handling facility management, it is very important to understand all the requirements needed to maintain the building while keeping continuity of services. One of the most important components: fire safety. Fire safety systems are key to ensuring tenants are safe and feel protected. That starts with having up-to-date annual fire safety statements.

annual fire safety statements

What are Annual Fire Safety Statements?

AFSS stands for Annual Fire Safety Statement. This certification is a statutory requirement required by councils, NSW Fire and Rescue (NSWFR), and insurance providers. All fire inspectors have complied with the legislative changes to the government reforms to the fire protection industry and are fully FPAS accredited as per the Fire Protection Association Australia. This certifies the facility management team has taken all fire safety measures in the building seriously and adheres to the fire safety schedule based on Australian standards.


When going through the certification process, it is important to utilise a competent fire safety practitioner to ensure building owners have kept the facility up to the building code of Australia with essential fire safety measures. The facility management team must do their homework in finding competent fire safety practitioners that can do the job correctly. We have to find the best fire safety practitioners will avoid becoming involved in any accreditation scheme.

There are many cases where the annual fire safety statement is required; many include WHS compliance. Once the annual fire safety statement certification is completed, you are required to:

  • Submit the certification to the local council for their records
  • Send certification to NSWFR for file
  • Have the certification installed near the front entrance of the building or premises for council and NSWFR service inspections.
  • Upon request – send a statement to WH&S and insurance suppliers to confirm annual fire safety statement compliance.
  • Failing to comply with regulations or to submit the correct certification to councils on time can result in heavy fines issued by local councils, restrictions of use for the premises and the issue of fire orders.

What does it certify?

Annual fire safety statements conducted by competent fire safety practitioners certify that:

  • Each essential fire safety measure in the building was found to be in working condition in case of a fire
  • Each essential fire safety measure in the building has been assessed by a competent fire safety practitioner (CFSP)

  • The “Fire & Essential Services” are still compliant with the installation designs and have been correctly tested and maintained as per AS1851, confirming that they operate to the applicable Australian standards and Environmental Planning and Assessment Act requirements.

The annual fire safety statement is very important and can help keep building owners stay out of harm's way. While an online-only training or certification can be used to avoid being part of an accreditation scheme. Once you're ready to move forward in acquiring the annual fire safety statement, maintaining the validity of these fire safety statements is key. Choosing to work with a firm like BBM that ensures you as the building owner are learning fire safety measures.

Why Choose BBM

  • AFSS can only be provided by FPAS accredited fire service companies to which BBM and its suppliers are FPA accredited.

  • BBM has the experience and capability to ensure all required testing and compliance is met. Throughout the 12-month period, BBM will maintain all essential fire safety equipment to provide certification for submission on completion as per the council fire schedule and due by date.

  • Our team is very hands-on, providing essential fire safety measures throughout the facility. We are able to handle building work while assessing and evaluating exit system compliance breaches. We also issue the supplementary fire safety statement which adds additional qualifications to our team. We maintain the highest safety standards at all times, providing peace of mind for building owners.

  • We employ maintenance contractors to keep fire extinguishers within code, considering what is needed to acquire the fire safety statement. When needed to appear before the local council, our team can step in on behalf of the building staff to ensure continuity and the correct information on the fire safety statement form. Having a qualified person to get and keep the building within council standards and adhere to the NSW government through Fire and Rescue NSW can help make the difference.

  • Need more information on the annual fire safety settlement? Call us on 1300 40 40 10 or submit an enquiry online at “EMAIL” to begin the process based on Australian standards today!

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