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Facilities Management Services

Let Brisull Building Management do the heavy lifting and fine tuning that ensures all your facilities are in proper working order.

Facilities Management Services

Facilities Management services can ensure your property runs smoothly and that your tenants are happy, without your daily presence. If you manage multiple buildings or simply have other uses for your time, working with a facilities management company can help you keep a clean, safe and attractive facility, worry free.

BBM Offers a Complete Lineup of Facilities Management Services

BBM covers every service required for property ownership; this “all in one” facilities manager model allows us to fully customise your services and provide you with a single point of contact for all of your needs. No matter what industry you are in, our attention to proactive, preventative maintenance means you spend less money on repairs over time and reduce the possibility of inconvenient downtime or closures.

Our maintenance teams ensure your output-based assets (such as air conditioning, lifts and electrical/ energy producing items) will have a longer lifecycle. Smaller ongoing costs will prevent longer term large costs when neglected assets fail due to lack of maintenance. Tenants will have fewer reasons to find fault if breakdowns are minimal, spaces are spotlessly clean and the building looks well maintained and managed.


Additional services like concierge and security may seem like an unnecessary cost, however when tenants feel safe, and looked after, there will be more reason to extend occupation of the space, reducing vacancy. Investing in these services makes your building more attractive to both tenants and their own customers, making your facility an in-demand location for your prospects.

Our Extensive Array of Services Includes:

Electrical (HV/LV)

Electrical services] are probably the most important thing we offer, as these assets provide the operating power to all facilities and significantly influence your NABERS ratings.

HVAC – Air Conditioning

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning services largely affects your tenants and their enjoyment and use of your property. We keep your systems up and running and ensure your costs are limited by boosting efficiency and taking proactive steps to protect your HVAC.


The inner workings of a building or property are largely operated through the plumbing pipework with essential services being derived from this, such as drinking water, toilets and showers. Without sanitation, your facility will swiftly become unusable.

Fire Services

Fire services are compulsory to maintain and are the most important for asset protection. We ensure you remain compliant and that your tenants and visitors are safe.


Lifts and escalators provide tenant movements between large spaces. If these are working efficiently, then downtime is reduced, improving productivity.


We are committed to keeping your facility in pristine, customer-ready condition at all times. A clean building means you have happy tenants and that you don’t risk a high turnover rate or negative attention from visitors and guests.

Grounds Maintenance

Your grounds are the first impression anyone gets of your facility, we ensure your exterior is attractive, well maintained and welcoming.  

Safety Equipment and Other specialist Services

We ensure all aspects of safety equipment are identified and maintained, such as roof anchor points, emergency eye wash and showers, Circuit breakers. These important safety measures are not only a good idea, they are required by law, and we ensure you are always in compliance.

Annual Fire Safety Statement

When handling facility management, it is very important to understand all the requirements needed to maintain the building while keeping continuity of services. That starts with having up-to-date annual fire safety statements.

Asbestos Survey, Inspection And Removal

Asbestos is not an issue that you should take lightly when it comes to your buildings. Without proper treatment, asbestos can cause severe illness in those who report to your building each day to complete their job assignment.

Combustible Cladding Removal

When handling property management, there are a number of areas that require attention beyond the obvious. As a commercial management firm, ensuring the building is operational from every aspect is not only a necessary requirement.

Why Businesses Choose BBM for Facilities Management Services

We started BBM after spending a lot of time in the Corporate Facilities/ Property Management services field. Our founders have large company experience across a wide range of government and private clients. We offer our clients the same experience, and management as a large corporation --but with the personal involvement and agility of a small company.

We’ve used what we learned working with the big brands, then created a more refined, friendlier and more accessible service model that is fully customisable.  We’ve focused on building a comprehensive lineup of services and created a paperless, transparent company which can fulfil any requirements a client needs with respect to their property and or portfolio.

Our company doesn’t carry:

  • The cumbersome overhead of paper filing and forms; our innovative paperless operating system requires processes to be performed just once and they are instantly filed and categorised.

  • Tedious administration functions; our systems are designed to fully integrate through API’s and automate double handling of information.

What does this attention to detail and innovation mean for you?

Our clients don’t pay for internal inefficiencies as they do with larger, inefficient companies who have not been able to shed old processes or adopt new systems properly. Ultimately, you will save money on everything we do, and we will be able to provide completion of every job more swiftly than our competitors.

How We Manage Properties

BBM has focused on building a company which ensures clients’ property is accurately identified and needs are assessed. This allows us to fully address all of your needs, eliminate unwanted costs and ensure the structure always looks and operates in peak condition. Contact us today to see what BBM can do for you and to hand the burden of facilities management over to our professional team.

During this phase, we work out what the client requires and where we can assist. We validate what information is currently held or can perform a due diligence process and gather the information.

Once the assets are ascertained, we apply our maintenance plan to the equipment and ensure the compliance and performance aspects of the estate are covered.

We provide an operational expenditure plan for the client which includes the services we have agreed upon.

Once the initial round of maintenance is done, we can then assess the condition of all equipment and provide a Lifecycle plan which can give the CAPEX forecast to a client for out to 30 years.


We Bring Out the Best in These Businesses

Justin Clark

Team Leader at Hutchinson Builders

Hutchinson engaged BBM to manage maintenance during the DLP for a project where our client has very specific and detailed maintenance requirements. BBM have always conducted the works in a professional manner, meeting response and completion times while complying with our client’s requirements.

BBM have assisted in continuing our exceptional relationship with our client and have demonstrated the highest level of professionalism, flexibility and high work ethic. In a very challenging and demanding environment, their management team are always approachable and willing to provide us with solutions to any issues arising.

Jayde Agnew

General Manager of Iglu Pty Ltd

We are very pleased with the work BBM has done on our behalf, we have found their services to be prompt, efficient and professional. The Team are always available to help with projects large and small, nothing is ever too much trouble.

Paul and his team are very hard-working and highly organised with great communication skills, we have always been very impressed with the way that they approach projects and particularly their focus on Work, Health & Safety.

We look forward to working with BBM on future projects.

Peter Dunn

Senior Facilities Manager, Investa

Before I started using BBM at Deutsche Bank Place I was frustrated with our previous supplier’s poor delivery. Paul Lardi approached me and we decided to give them a try. Their work is always completed on time and budget with no issues. They understand the complexities of working in a Premium Grade commercial asset and we couldn’t be happier.

Scott Muir

Director at ecoHVAC

EcoHVAC use BBM as their preferred installer of our equipment. As a supplier of high quality products, we understand that only installers who undertake the utmost of care and precision can be used and BBM have always proven themselves as a more that trustworthy contractor. Their communication with our clients in the lead up and follow up calls after the installation is complete makes for a very satisfied customer.

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