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Predictive Maintenance

Brisull Industries are at the forefront of CMMS and AI Technology when it comes to predicting the exact moment your facilities and equipment need maintenance. Don't waste money replacing what doesn't need replacing yet, or leave matters too late and suffer downtime from property and equipment breakdown.

Predictive Maintenance

When you're a facilities manager, or you're otherwise in charge of facilities management as part of your job duties, you need to be able to address maintenance issues the right way for optimal performance.

With that in mind, one of the areas to consider is how to implement predictive maintenance. This isn't the same as corrective or preventative maintenance, but it's equally important. When done correctly, it can be used to determine when -- and whether -- a particular type of maintenance should be performed, in order to reduce operating costs and accomplish more work with less downtime.

What is Predictive Maintenance?

Generally, predictive maintenance is designed to help determine the condition of in-service equipment. That's done to estimate when maintenance should be performed, so the equipment doesn't break or fail due to a lack of proper maintenance. It's also important not to perform maintenance too early, because parts that don't need replacing shouldn't be replaced. That's simply wasteful, and costs extra money that doesn't need to be spent. With our approach, we promise cost savings over routine or time-based preventive maintenance, because tasks are performed only when they're warranted.

This type of predictive maintenance is regarded as condition-based maintenance, which is identified from our CMMS and AI technology. BBM’s main maintenance strategy is to put as many of our performance-based assets into a predictive maintenance regime. This ensures we don’t just do regular “tick the box” style maintenance which wastes time and money, and focus only on the immediate or identified future problems of the asset. That's faster, simpler, and more efficient for everyone involved, and can reduce the costs associated with maintaining a facility and its equipment.

A reduction in costs is a good goal, and one that can be helped along by predictive maintenance, but just lowering costs isn't the only value to maintaining a facility and its equipment properly. Additionally, proper maintenance can reduce the downtime that any piece of equipment experiences. That, in turn, means that employees will have work to do and will be able to use the company's equipment at its optimum level. There are many benefits to that, including efficiency and worker morale. Good quality equipment that works properly makes a job more enjoyable.

How Predictive Maintenance Works and Why It's Important

The advantage of predictive maintenance is twofold. There is the convenient scheduling of corrective maintenance, and the general preventing of unexpected equipment failures. The key is getting the right level of information at the right time, so maintenance can get done when it's really needed and before something actually breaks. By knowing which equipment needs maintenance, maintenance work can be better planned. This includes spare parts, the people to do the work, and any rescheduling of employees when equipment is down for maintenance issues.

Predictive maintenance also reduces unplanned stops, and shortens up the planned spots that are required. By doing that, the availability of the plant or other facility is increased, the equipment works more easily for longer periods of time, and the people who use the equipment can rely on it to work the way it's supposed to so they don't end up off work while repairs are being made. Other advantages to this kind of maintenance include increased equipment life, increased plant safety, fewer accidents that have negative impacts on the environment, and optimized spare parts handling.

Predictive maintenance differs from preventive maintenance because it relies on the actual condition of the equipment, rather than the average or expected life expectancy statistics, to predict when maintenance will be required. Even though there may be set times when maintenance should be performed, using the equipment more frequently or slightly differently than would be expected can mean that the maintenance schedule for that piece of equipment changes. The condition of the equipment matters much more for maintenance than the expected life of a part, fluid, or other area of that equipment.

Why You Should Choose BBM for Your Maintenance Needs

Our system monitors all equipment, and through the AI functions that system enables data collection and pre-processing, early fault detection, time to failure prediction, maintenance scheduling, and resource optimisation. Predictive maintenance has also been considered to be one of the driving forces for improving productivity and one of the ways to achieve “just-in-time” manufacturing. Choosing us for your maintenance needs can mean that your facility operates in a smooth manner with less downtime and lower costs. Naturally, that's preferable for most companies.

By focusing on predictive maintenance, we will limit the amount of wasted labour during scheduled maintenance where no faults are found. We also tailor the corrective maintenance to whatever is required, rather than just doing it because it has always been done that way. Even though something has always been done a certain way, that doesn't mean it should still be done that way, or that the old way is the best way.

We can show you how and why we'll make changes to your maintenance schedule, so we can give you the predictive, preventative, and corrective maintenance you really need for optimal performance. Your facilities management focus should be on the optimisation of all company equipment so more can get done in a shorter period of time and correctly. Reducing problems with equipment through the right level and type of maintenance can go a very long way toward ensuring your facility and your company are both successful in the long run.


We Bring Out the Best in These Businesses

Justin Clark

Team Leader at Hutchinson Builders

Hutchinson engaged BBM to manage maintenance during the DLP for a project where our client has very specific and detailed maintenance requirements. BBM have always conducted the works in a professional manner, meeting response and completion times while complying with our client’s requirements.

BBM have assisted in continuing our exceptional relationship with our client and have demonstrated the highest level of professionalism, flexibility and high work ethic. In a very challenging and demanding environment, their management team are always approachable and willing to provide us with solutions to any issues arising.

Jayde Agnew

General Manager of Iglu Pty Ltd

We are very pleased with the work BBM has done on our behalf, we have found their services to be prompt, efficient and professional. The Team are always available to help with projects large and small, nothing is ever too much trouble.

Paul and his team are very hard-working and highly organised with great communication skills, we have always been very impressed with the way that they approach projects and particularly their focus on Work, Health & Safety.

We look forward to working with BBM on future projects.

Peter Dunn

Senior Facilities Manager, Investa

Before I started using BBM at Deutsche Bank Place I was frustrated with our previous supplier’s poor delivery. Paul Lardi approached me and we decided to give them a try. Their work is always completed on time and budget with no issues. They understand the complexities of working in a Premium Grade commercial asset and we couldn’t be happier.

Scott Muir

Director at ecoHVAC

EcoHVAC use BBM as their preferred installer of our equipment. As a supplier of high quality products, we understand that only installers who undertake the utmost of care and precision can be used and BBM have always proven themselves as a more that trustworthy contractor. Their communication with our clients in the lead up and follow up calls after the installation is complete makes for a very satisfied customer.

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