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Corrective Maintenance

Be it planned or unplanned Corrective Maintenance the experts at Brisull Industries can make sure your facility's downtime is kept to an absolute minimum and the disruption to production is diminished.

Corrective Maintenance

What is corrective maintenance? It's the type of maintenance that's required when something has broken and it needs to be repaired. It can be very important when it comes to getting something up and running again. In many cases it can be avoided entirely by using preventative maintenance schedules and techniques, but even the best prevention isn't always enough to stop something from breaking. When that happens, corrective maintenance is needed.

Corrective vs Preventative Maintenance: Understand the Difference

When you're looking at the value of corrective maintenance vs preventative maintenance, there are several things you'll need to be aware of. First, corrective -- or reactive -- maintenance is defined as any maintenance performed to return equipment to proper working order. The reason the equipment isn't working could be a breakdown, operator error, a damaged part, an act of God, or something else. Additionally, corrective maintenance can also be identified through a condition monitoring program whereby a problem is detected and needs to be repaired.

There are two types of corrective maintenance that have to be addressed when looking at the goals and requirements for your facilities management. These include both planned and unplanned options. Naturally, having corrective maintenance that's planned can seem less stressful than having unplanned maintenance. That's usually because planned maintenance is focused on fixing something you already know needs repair. Unplanned maintenance can be much more sudden, and could involve fixing something that broke without warning and caused a problem that has to be fixed right away.

Planned corrective maintenance is most likely the result of a run-to-failure maintenance plan. In this case, the maintenance team has decided that certain equipment will be serviced when it breaks down. An example would be planning to replace a light bulb once it burns out. For some things, such as light bulbs, that type of maintenance plan makes sense. There's no reason to replace a bulb that's still working perfectly. But for large items or equipment that's more expensive or harder to repair or replace, a run-to-failure plan may not be the best one.

Unplanned corrective maintenance is very often the result of an unexpected breakdown, such as when a piece of machinery fails without warning. This could be due to a lack of overall maintenance, but it could also be due to a replacement part failing after being replaced during preventative or planned maintenance. Corrective maintenance will need to be performed to get the machinery back in working order. Unplanned maintenance can be a real problem for a company or a facility, because they don't always have the parts on hand to quickly and efficiently fix what broke.

Why is Corrective Maintenance Important?

When corrective maintenance is planned as a part of a facility's overall maintenance strategy, it allows the people who are responsible for reliability to focus on other endeavours right up until a condition trigger or a breakdown actually occurs. When corrective maintenance is unplanned, it causes downtime that was not expected or scheduled. That can become very problematic in a number of cases, because it can shut down a facility and stop work from being completed. Then it becomes a race against time to get things up and running again.

When the need for production in a particular facility is very high, technicians will be racing against the clock to complete corrective maintenance that was not planned. That could mean that work is carried out improperly or unsafely, and that could delay things ever further or put people in the facility at risk. It could also put the end user of any created products at risk, which could cause the company significant financial and legal problems. Additionally, it can cause a backlog if the maintenance team has to address corrective repairs, rather than their usual planned preventative maintenance (PPM).

Why Should You Choose BBM?

BBM monitors our corrective and reactive maintenance list, and validates this against each asset to ensure we are not just “band-aiding” a problem to the detriment of the asset performance. We assign each asset with a value, and then we work to ensure that the cumulative value of corrective repairs do not outweigh the replacement value of the asset. That's good news for any facility with a lot of assets, and for those with a small number of assets, too. All facilities need their assets working correctly for as long as possible, and the right maintenance can make that a reality.

Our overall maintenance strategy is to:

  • Maintain everything that has a performance output using predictive and preventative maintenance to reduce problems and downtime issues.
  • Cover all compliance assets with a scheduled maintenance plan so they are maintained properly and the chances of failure are reduced.
  • Reduce corrective actions to a minimum so we and the clients only pay for what's really needed and not for expensive, unexpected repairs.

By working with us at BBM, your facility can get the help and guidance it needs to reduce the chances of needing unplanned corrective maintenance. Planned corrective maintenance can also be handled more thoroughly, so everything gets done in a way that benefits the facility, the owners, and the workers alike. Proper maintenance can make working conditions and environments much easier for everyone involved.


We Bring Out the Best in These Businesses

Justin Clark

Team Leader at Hutchinson Builders

Hutchinson engaged BBM to manage maintenance during the DLP for a project where our client has very specific and detailed maintenance requirements. BBM have always conducted the works in a professional manner, meeting response and completion times while complying with our client’s requirements.

BBM have assisted in continuing our exceptional relationship with our client and have demonstrated the highest level of professionalism, flexibility and high work ethic. In a very challenging and demanding environment, their management team are always approachable and willing to provide us with solutions to any issues arising.

Jayde Agnew

General Manager of Iglu Pty Ltd

We are very pleased with the work BBM has done on our behalf, we have found their services to be prompt, efficient and professional. The Team are always available to help with projects large and small, nothing is ever too much trouble.

Paul and his team are very hard-working and highly organised with great communication skills, we have always been very impressed with the way that they approach projects and particularly their focus on Work, Health & Safety.

We look forward to working with BBM on future projects.

Peter Dunn

Senior Facilities Manager, Investa

Before I started using BBM at Deutsche Bank Place I was frustrated with our previous supplier’s poor delivery. Paul Lardi approached me and we decided to give them a try. Their work is always completed on time and budget with no issues. They understand the complexities of working in a Premium Grade commercial asset and we couldn’t be happier.

Scott Muir

Director at ecoHVAC

EcoHVAC use BBM as their preferred installer of our equipment. As a supplier of high quality products, we understand that only installers who undertake the utmost of care and precision can be used and BBM have always proven themselves as a more that trustworthy contractor. Their communication with our clients in the lead up and follow up calls after the installation is complete makes for a very satisfied customer.

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