The Importance Of Integrated Facility Management In A Post COVID-19 Office

Importance Of Integrated Facility Management In A Post COVID-19 Office

The global pandemic has highlighted how vitally important increased levels of cleanliness and sanitation are for the public’s health. Without confidence in our health and safety, it is difficult for businesses to conduct in-person activities. Fortunately, Australia quickly addressed the concerns of COVID-19 and are now back in working order. As we move forward, the “new normal” for offices will include increased cleaning regimes, better waste management, improved disaster plans, additional signage about hygiene, and new Safe Work regulations. Integrated facility management will be vital for keeping your facility moving forward in the post COVID-19 era.  

Why Building Management Is A Necessity

Building management is far more than simply having your cleaning and sanitisation managed on your behalf. It ensures all new compliances and regulations are enforced and met each day your facility is open. Without proper building management, it can be easy for certain routine items to slip through the cracks and possibly cause health risks for your employees. 

Your facility management services can include a complete that serves your exact needs. From dedicated physical distancing and hand washing signage to emergency plans, your facility manager is a necessity you cannot afford not to utilise. Your facility manager can ensure emergency plans are in place that begin the moment a positive test becomes known. In addition, emergency systems can be created, tested, and revised for disseminating information in any health emergency or natural disaster. 

The Costly Effects Of Avoiding Proper Facility Management 

It may seem like a good idea to cut expenses such as facility management if you experienced a loss in profits. However, that will cost a costly mistake in the long run. By not employing integrated facility management that is focused on reducing COVID-19 risk and maintaining proper cleanliness throughout your facility, you could lead to more shutdowns across the country. When you turn to your facilities management company, your facility manager can ensure all Safe Work guidelines regarding cleaning routines and physical distancing are maintained to prevent further shut downs. 

Along with possibly instigating more shutdowns, lack of proper integrated facility management can lead to loss of productivity and increased employee anxiety. Your facility is only as efficient as the people who make it run every day. You must make their health and safety your first priority. This includes utilising your facility manager to ensure all offices and highly trafficked areas are completely disinfected on schedule. When you do so, you will find your employees are comfortable enough at work to remain in good spirits and maintain their productivity.  

How Using An Integrated Facility Management Company Can Assist You

Your building manager is already well-versed in the day-to-day operations. They understand the best times to conduct high level cleaning without disrupting productivity. They also know which organisations to contact to complete each of the cleaning and maintenance schedules. 

If you attempt to complete your own facility management without assistance, you lose the time you could be using to focus on other items that need your attention. You have to dedicate time to understanding the schedules to ensure you do not disrupt day-to-day operations. In addition, you need to research, identify, and interview entities that can complete your needs separately. 

When you trust in your integrated facility management company, you gain the ability to free up your day for what you need to concentrate on. You will have peace of mind that you are meeting every duty and compliance. Your building will be effectively maintained and ensure everyone’s safety. Better still, every action that is completed in your facility is meticulously recorded. You will never need to worry about being able to prove your facility management is in compliance with Safe Work guidelines. 

Aid In Australia’s COVID-19 Response With Proper Facility Management 

No businesses or individuals in Australia want to return to the COVID-19 shutdowns. We are fortunate to have entered into a post COVID-19 time that allows us to operate businesses. We have returned to some normality, but we will never completely return to our pre-pandemic world. We can only adjust to our “new normal” and focus on providing peace of mind to everyone we interact with daily. 

Increased focus on health and safety is a top priority in your building management plan. Your emergency systems, signage, cleaning schedule, and other aspects need additional hands-on attention to meet new regulations and guidelines. With the assistance of your dedicated facility management company, you can swiftly aid in Austrialia’s continued COVID-19 response. 

Your facility manager can help test your new systems and implement reasonable updates that ensure everyone’s peace of mind should a positive COVID-19 case be reported in your facility. Your emergency systems will be updated to ensure communication is streamlined and understandable. All cleaning and disinfecting services will be maintained on a regular, documented schedule. 

By committing to proper facility management, you can help everyone settle into the post COVID-19 world better and faster every day. Remember, you don’t have to try and handle all of the new regulations alone. Allow your integrated facility management company to come in and provide the exceptional services to need to boost employee morale and retain your facility’s productivity.

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