The Importance of Electrical Preventative Maintenance At Your Commercial Property

The Importance of Electrical Preventative Maintenance At Your Commercial Property

The Importance of Electrical Preventative Maintenance At Your Commercial Property

Your commercial property needs regular preventative maintenance in order to protect yourself from legal issues and your tenants from accidental injuries. This is especially true with the electrical components of your facility. If you do not take the proper steps to ensure your building management services complete electrical preventative maintenance, you could suffer costly consequences. Fortunately, a facility management company has access to the best qualified and certified electricians who can service your commercial property and ensure all electrical components are up to code. 

Types of Electrical Maintenance

Electrical preventative maintenance should be performed at least once a quarter to ensure all electrical components at your facility meet current regulations. This regular maintenance will protect you from costly repairs down the road because a certified electrician will identify small issues when they first appear. Two types of requirements are in place in Australia to protect tenants in your facility from any electrical issues: Test and Tag and RCD Testing.  

Test and Tag

Test and Tag is required for all commercial properties throughout Australia every three months, per WHS. This ensures any and all tenants in your building have the safest environment to perform their duties. Test and Tag itself refers to the inspection and testing of electrically safety on all electrical equipment. This process has been proven to reduce the risk of death and injury due to electrical shock in commercial facilities. 

The duty to perform Test and Tag falls on the commercial building owner. However, this rigorous routine can be passed on to an integrated facility management company. By passing this duty onto a facilities manager, you can have peace of mind that Test and Tag is performed on time every quarter and that all of your facility’s electrical components meet Australian code. 

RCD Testing

In addition, all commercial properties are required to engage in RCD Testing. This process tests the RCD’s (residual current device) ability to shut off power to a faulty circuit. As with all mechanical devices, RCDs can fail over time. This is why regular testing is so important. Without the ability to shut off power to a faculty circuit, injury or death may follow. 

RCD testing must be completed every three months to ensure the electrical safety of your facility is maintained. Your building management company can ensure the testing is performed on time every quarter. This will ensure you meet Australian law and provide the safest working environment for your tenants. 

Dangers of Avoiding Electrical Maintenance 

It is never advised to skip out on or miss electrical preventive maintenance. By not engaging in the required testing, you can put yourself and your tenants in serious danger. Some of dangers and negative outcomes that can come by avoiding regular maintenance include:

  • Electrical Fires: Faulty electrical components can only be identified if a certified electrician routinely inspects your equipment. Faulty components can easily lead a fire that can destroy a small section or the entirety of your facility. 
  • Electrical Shocks: Electrical equipment can shock individuals if they are not grounded properly or are short circuiting. Only regular preventative maintenance can prevent electrical shocks. 
  • Injury or Death: Those who use equipment that is faulty and/or has not been properly inspected can find themselves seriously injured or dead. 
  • Financial Compensation: Tenants who get injured at your facility are entitled to financial compensation, which will come straight from your profits. 
  • Fines: Commercial property owners who are found to not be complying with Australian electrical safety laws are subject to fines of up to $100,000

The safety of your tenants and the integrity of your building’s work environment are far too great to skip out on electrical preventative maintenance. If you find that you do not have the time to engage in regular maintenance practices or do not know where to begin, a building management company can assist you. 

How a Facilities Management Company Can Assist You With Electrical Maintenance 

Commercial property owners already have quite a bit they must manage daily, monthly, and annually. If you find that you need assistance meeting the quarterly requirements for electrical preventative maintenance, your integrated facility management company can ensure you meet Australian laws and provide a safe work environment for your tenants. Some of the ways your facility manager can help include:

  • Hire the Best Qualified and Certified Electrician 
  • Engage In Meticulous Record Keeping of Testing
  • Maintain Thorough Understanding of Your Facility
  • Keep and Update a Calendar with the Electrical Maintenance Schedule
  • Remain Proactive Rather Than Reactive To Issues

When you rely on your facility management company to handle your quarterly electrical maintenance, you can rest assured your building will remain safe and in compliance. You can trust in your building manager to keep you informed on the most pressing issues, such as electrical components that need to be replaced. 

You do not need to have every aspect of your building management alone. Allow your facilities management company to aid in your preventative maintenance for your electrical components and all other aspects of your building. Your facility manager will handle every single detail and ensure the inspections and testing do not disrupt your tenants’ day-to-day operations. 

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