How The Right Facilities Management Company Can Help Guide Your Property Through The COVID-19 Process

How The Right Facilities Management Company Can Help Guide Your Property Through The COVID-19 Process

As the new feeling of “normal” continues to settle throughout the business world, it’s important to have a facilities management company on your side to guide you through the process. When your employees return to work, they deserve to feel like you are taking their health and seriously as they do. Fortunately, a professional building management team can ensure your property has the highest cleanliness and sanitation levels by:

  • Offering clean, sanitised surfaces by morning,
  • Creating a consistent cleaning schedule, and
  • Helping you avoid deferred maintenance. 

With the right facilities management company, you will have peace of mind that your facility can operate without fear.

Clean, Sanitised Surfaces By Morning

While employees will do their best to keep your facility clean, they may forget to wipe down their phones or keyboards after a long day. A joint study between the CDC and others  has reported that COVID-19 can live on surfaces for multiple days, depending of the type of surface. With integrated facility management, you will not have to worry about any bacteria or viruses harbouring on your facility’s items.

Once your business closes its doors for the day, your building management company can have a team of qualified cleaners come in and sanitise the space. The surfaces with the most interaction in an office setting tend to be:

  • Phones
  • Keyboards
  • Doorknobs
  • Light Switches
  • Microwave Buttons
  • Outlets
  • Desks

These surfaces and others can all be sanitised overnight and ensure your employees have a safe and clean office to work to the next day. It’s crucial these surfaces are cleaned as often as possible in order to prevent spreading this virus any further. 

Consistent Cleaning Schedule 

Without an integrated facility management company, it can be hard to maintain a consistent cleaning schedule. You are responsible for finding a company that offers cleaning services along with grounds maintenance, lawn maintenance, and other services your property requires. 

Without a consistent cleaning schedule, you will be unable to ensure the health and safety of those who enter. Best cleaning practices may be put on the back burner simply because there is not enough time to manage those tasks and everything else that demands your attention.

Surfaces must be cleaned daily in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Otherwise, it will live on the surfaces and infect those who come into contact with it. You do not want to hear the devastating news that your property has individuals infected with the virus.

Since COVID-19 is already causing enough uncertainty and stressful moments, it is best to leave a consistent cleaning schedule to those who specialise in facility management. The right team will create the cleaning schedule that works for your property and does not disrupt day-to-day operations. Better still, it will provide you and everyone in the facility peace of mind, which is something we all need right now.

Avoid Deferred Maintenance 

While deferring maintenance until COVID-19 passes seems like a good idea, it can actually be detrimental in the long run. The right integrated facility management company will help you plan for the maintenance your property needs during this time to ensure operations continue as normal and everyone on-site can remain healthy. 

Deferred maintenance can include any tasks that are pushed to the way-side for any period of time. One of the most common examples that directly impacts your employees health is skipping out on HVAC maintenance. By not continuing with regular maintenance and replacing the property’s air filters, bacteria, germs, and other contaminants may build up in the system. Even with HEPA air filters, COVID-19 can pass through the air. By keeping your HVAC system clean, you can know you are doing everything possible to further prevent the spread of the virus.

Health & Safety Come First

The most important thing to remember throughout this COVID-19 process is that the health and safety of all individuals must come first. The right facilities management company will assist you as much as possible. From cleaning and sanitisation to necessary maintenance procedures, facility management can help prevent COVID-19 infecting those on your property. 

Aside from the assistance of an integrated facility management company, individuals on-site must also follow best practices to help stop COVID-19. Washing their hands, maintaining social distancing, and remaining home if they have symptoms are some of the best methods at this time. Along with employing the services of your building management company, place reminders about the methods to stop the spread of this virus throughout your property. 

Do what you can to keep everyone healthy and ensure you have the right facilities management company on your side. 

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