Case Study: Chinese Gardens, Blacktown City Council

Case Study Chinese Gardens, Blacktown City Council - Brisull

When we think of a facilities management company, we think in terms of keeping it clean and safe for clients.  There are times, however, when a facilities manager is called on to undertake significant repairs. At Brisull Building Management we have faced this situation many times in our 30 years of taking care of buildings and facilities. 

A case in point was when we repaired two damaged pagodas in Chinese Gardens that were inside the Nurragingy Reserve.  We had only a short time to do the work as the Chinese New Year was approaching. The Blacktown City Council approached is in mid-January about making the repairs. Originally they only requested we make it safe and then do the repairs after the Chinese New Year celebrations had ended.

Damage in Nurragingy Reserve

The city of Blacktown was made aware of the damages on January 16, and they contacted us shortly thereafter. There were celebrations booked for January 31 and we agreed with the city officials that we needed to get the facilities done in time for those things to happen.

During the Maintenance

City officials gave us pieces of wood recovered from the damaged pagodas. With that wood, we were able to find a supplier who could make a structure of similar wood that looked the same was the wood that had been damaged.  We used some corner pieces that had already been collected, as well as some corner pieces from the bottom to create a top that brought it back to its original splendour. This did leave the bottoms of the columns without the decorative pieces, but it also made the pagodas look as good as new and they are totally functional.

Repairs Ahead Of Schedule

As a result, on January 30 we were able to tell Blacktown city officials that we had completed the work. The only thing left unfinished was some decorative pieces at the bottom. As it stands now, it has a symmetrical look and feel and is completely usable. The events planned for January 31 were able to be held without a problem.

We will soon have the bottom pieces from our supplier and will add them to the structure. We intend for them to look just like the old pieces that were damaged. That is the final detail for completion. The pagodas can be used normally and for most people, they will look just fine. The small area that is not completed will be completed soon enough.

While it is important to get a job completely done, we also pay attention to what is really needed. The thing that mattered here, in this case, was that the Chinese New Year celebrations be held as normal even with the disruption of damaged structures. We were able to accomplish that, and we will add the finishing touches in the coming days.

Building management is what we do, but as a facilities manager, we feel our job is to take care of the entire facility. Being able to repair the pagodas for the Chinese New Year celebrations was a point of pride for us.  It was something our client wanted, and we felt like we could make it happen even with a short deadline.

Our years of experience as a facilities management company is part of what helped us be able to get repairs done fast.  We knew how to get material to make the parts we needed, even if it was not the same kind of wood. We also knew how important the Chinese New Year is to people who want to have celebrations. Our experience has taught us to take care of what the client wants, and in this case, it was getting repairs done in time for important celebrations.

There is a lot involved in being a facilities manager, and that is where good building management begins. We take a lot of pride in being a company that can take care of the details consistently on a daily bases. Even so, we are also able to mobilize when needed and get something done fast when it has to be done fast.

At Brisull Building Management we take the time to understand the facility itself, and what is important to the owners of the facility. We also pay attention when the Chinese New Year is coming up.  Brisull Building Management is here to manage facilities, and we have been around long enough to be able to handle just about any crisis that comes up.

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