5 Ways Facility Managers Can Help Create A Healing Environment

Facilities Management Can Help Create a Healing Environment at Work

The people who work in your facility, particularly the full time workers, spend lots of time there – and if the indoor environment in your space is not ideal, their health could suffer. It’s easier to catch illnesses, come into contact with allergens or even become depressed when you spend too much time in an unhealthy indoor environment. The more attention you pay to the conditions in your facility and the more you focus on a healing environment, the less likely it is that your workers and tenants will suffer from these common problems.

Creating a healing environment in your facility can help your tenants and workers feel better and stay healthy, simply because they don’t encounter as many allergens or risks. A healing environment goes a step further than simply covering the basics – it promotes comfort, reduces stress, resulting in a happier, more committed workforce.

Your facility manager will have a significant impact on the healing ability of your structure. The right approach to caring for your facility and to providing your tenants with a comforting environment ensures you get the best possible outcome and return on your facilities management investment.

According to Montefiore Medical Center, incorporating natural elements, choosing soothing colours and creating a harmonious environment can help promote healing and wellness. Most of these things can be easily done by your building management and will create a more harmonious environment for everyone on your team.

How does a healing environment impact your business?

Workers that are under less stress are far less likely to miss time from work, are more likely to contribute to the overall morale of the office in a positive way and are simply more productive. Workers in a healing environment are naturally under less stress and exposed to fewer elements that can trigger health problems, resulting in a team that feels better physically and emotionally and that thrive in your facility’s setting. Happy employees contribute to overall tenant satisfaction and can help keep your building vacancy free and functioning well.

What Goes into a Healing Environment?

Even simple changes in your facility management can help create a more welcoming and healing working environment for your tenants and their workers. For brands that value employee wellness and that have active programs, your commitment to creating a low stress, enjoyable working environment will align with their company culture and needs. 

A facilities management company can help facilitate a healing environment by incorporating some or all of the following elements into public areas, workspaces and the general working environment. 

Paint walls a serene, calming colour: Colour impacts our mood and stress levels, so choosing colours and palettes that are naturally soothing can help reduce stress levels and create a comfortable environment for your tenants. According to the Huffington Post, serene shades of green or blue work well for an office setting. Both of these colours are also found in nature, adding to the ambience of the space and creating a welcoming environment. These colours also work well with plants and natural materials, making it easy to create a soothing and welcoming space for your tenants. 

Bring on the greens: Plants help create a healthy and healing environment in several ways. Most people respond well to the calming presence of one or more plants — and incorporating natural elements into your working environment can make everyone feel more aligned with the world. Plants also work as powerful air purifiers; even a few palms, ferns or ivys can dramatically impact the number of chemicals and VOCs in your workspace. This leads to fewer illnesses and a more present workforce, increasing tenant satisfaction and your tenancy rates. While any plant life can help soothe workers and reduce stress, a few are also potent air cleaners — see the list from HGTV to discover some easy care plants to add to your building for an instant wellness makeover. 

Offer versatile elements and space: Creating spaces that can be used for multiple purposes and ensuring that all space is in the right level of repair for flexible use gives your tenants more options than ever before. Stocking workspaces and public spots with ergonomic furniture, allowing tenants to configure spaces to suit themselves and supporting innovations in workplace layout and furnishings can help you create the environment that keeps tenants in place for the long term. 

Keep everything clean: When your offices, public areas and bathrooms are not spotlessly clean, they cause stress and discomfort — and can even contribute to real illness. A clean and hygienic working environment is one of the fundamental things a facility management company does best, so this should be one of the easiest improvements to make for employee wellness and tenant satisfaction. Creating a plan for integrated facility management that incorporates the need to reduce stress levels and keep everyone well will help you create the type of healing environment tenants and employees crave. 

Ditch the clutter: A cluttered space at home or in the office makes most of us feel stressed and uncomfortable. Clutter is different from mess — you know when to clean up spills or pick up trash, but clutter can creep insidiously into the space and make everyone feel stressed and overstimulated. Eliminate clutter by offering excellent storage solutions for tenants, by storing packages and other items out of site and by keeping public areas free of any items that are not designed for immediate use or that do not beautify the space. 

Create a Healing Working Environment in your Facility

5 Ways Facility Managers Can Help Create A Healing Environment - Brisull

It is surprisingly easy to create a space that soothes and heals — and the benefits to both tenants and to you, the building owner, are considerable. Simple changes in colour, accessories and layout have an immediate impact on overall satisfaction and ensure your tenants and their teams stay with you for the long term. 

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